How to Join a safari session:


 To ensure the best experience for all our participants, we need to know a little bit about you.
The application process helps us  better plan your adventure. 

Safaris are undertaken in packs of 4 females or 4 males.  ALL participants must apply in order to be eligable to join the adventure. 
You can let us know the names of your other pack members in your application; that way we can make sure you embark on the journey together!


First time on Safari?

If this is your first time on Safari and you plan to attend solo, that’s absolutely fine - We will help you find your pack! Will will  then connect you with your other pack members in the lead up to the event.

Experienced Adventurer?

If you have previously participated on a Safari, we require you to bring at least one other adventurer. Let us know the name(s) of your other pack members in your application,  and be sure to get your other members to apply online also!